A little personal background

A hobby of mine is genealogy. I discovered to my surprise, that not only was my father a Swiss citizen, from two Swiss lines, there are Swiss ancestors on both of my mother's parents lines. I'm Swiss on all four sides! So, of course, I have a great affinity for the Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung.

My father's mother's father, was Willi Aeppli, a Waldorf educator and author. I discovered that his interests must have been passed down to me subconsciously. He was a student of Rudolf Steiner, who created Waldorf schools which are based on teaching by temperament, and he wrote several books on children's education. Steiner is also important in the history of color theory.

Read an Excerpt page on Steiner's view of the four temperaments, from my eBook Astro-Type Face Reading Review.

Willi's brother, Ernst Aeppli, studied with Carl Jung.
 He wrote several books, but they are all in German.

My great-grandparents, Willi Aeppli and his wife, Mono.

One of Willi Aeppli's many books.

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