It's all about humor :)

We each have a core nature, called by the Greeks, the Four Humors:
Sanguine * Phlegmatic * Choleric * Melancholic

Humor, by any other name (the Four Temperaments):
Artisan * Guardian * Idealist * Rational
Counseling & Coaching

  • Humor Me :) Assessments: Would you like to discover your natural rhythms you were born with? I can guide you evaluation of your humor, or temperament.  This can be applied to greater success in your lifestyle, self-care, self-expression (particularly through fashion), communication, boundaries, coupleship, parenting.
  • Turtle Dove Counseling: I have used the Jungian influenced personality typing system (popularized by Myers-Briggs and Keirsey) for 15 years of my career as a Child & Family Therapist, to help individuals, families and couples accept themselves and relate to others with new understanding and successful communication. Families, Couples.  Types Flipping Out, Types Under Stress, Types and Depression
  • Astrological Counsel: I have studied Astrology for over 30 years, applying Jungian astrology concepts to opening the kaleidoscope of our complex personalities, to greater symbolic description and understanding. I can provide charges and reports, consultation and art charts.  I can also provide an introduction to your dominant Aura type, through Human Design. Charts & Consultations, Find Your Astro-Twins, Get a personalized Astro-Type Style Report, Find your dominant planet or sign type
  • Expressing Your Truth: I have blogged for over two years on the topic of expressing your true nature, your dominant humor, through your style.  I have amassed a large quantity of links and references, and offer multiple ebooks that have been developed from this blog.  Facebook Fan Page, Facebook Group
  • Four Type Systems: Here I catalog all the personality systems essentially related to the four humors and how they all correlate, not just the Keirsey Temperaments, but also the DISC, etc..  Also lists the many fashion systems using four types. Fill out your Beauty Resume
  • Face Reading: Did you know that the humors and your temperament/personality is reflected in your face? Type Face Reading, ASTRO-TYPE FACE READING eBOOK

Jane Rekas, LCSW, CHt

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